Why Employ a Maid Through a Maid Agency Singapore

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In this modern inflationary age, many people run short of funds to make a living. To manage their financial needs, most of the couples go out to work. While this is a great move to make your family financially sound, many couples are out of time for their household chores such as cleaning and cooking. In such a situation, hiring a maid who can look after your household affairs is a better bet. However, you just can’t hire any person to take care of your household work.

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Why choose a maid agency Singapore


Many folks appoint a maid without checking her background. In fact, most people do not have time to check the past record of the maid. However, this is certainly a bad idea; you might become a victim of an anti-social activity in case the maid is involved in illegal or criminal activities. Luckily, you may avert such a scenario by hiring the expertise of a maid agency. An ideal agency verifies the past record and background information of any maid before appointing the said person. As a result, you can be rest assured that the maid you are employing through the agency will be an honest and clean person.


Then there are individuals who try to cut corners while appointing a maid. These folks do not turn to a maid agency because they think that seeking help from an agency means paying the agency. Unluckily, many of these individuals end up with an inefficient or lazy maid who is not able to perform her duties as desired. The drive to cut corners quickly transforms into an expensive affair.


However, the scene is totally different when you turn to a reliable agency for employing a maid. The agency scrutinizes the work efficiency of all maids before hiring them. As a consequence, you are certain to get a hardworking maid. Moreover, a reputed agency provides affordable services to its clients. Without denting your wallet, you can employ a hardworking as well as honest maid on a budget through a dependable agency.

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Closing words


Thus, turning to a dependable maid agency Singapore is beneficial to any homeowner in many respects. Affordable charges, honest and hardworking maids are a few of the important benefits of seeking the services of a maid agency. On account of these pertinent benefits, it is always desirable to turn to a reliable agency for employing a maid for taking care of your household chores.



Top 4 benefits of hiring Maids in Singapore

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For many years, majority of homeowners have never known the benefits of hiring Maids in Singapore when they need people who have experience in the kind of work that they offer. When you do hire them, you should be sure that you would have excellent services once you hire them. Here are the reasons why you need to hire them:

  1. They are trained well for maid jobs 

Most of the Maids in Singapore understand their job description and they will ensure that they do offer you the best when offering their services. Through this, most of them have acquired a high reputation in the industry especially due to excellent services that they offer. Depending on the type and size of your family, these maids will be there ready to provide you with excellent services that you do need within your home.

  1. They are highly hospitable

When you need the highest level of hospitality, you should ensure that you hire Maids in Singapore since they have what it takes to offer you these services. They will always ensure that they do offer you the services that you need ways that you can improve the looks of your home. Most of them will always talk to you well and give their opinion especially when you are open to them on how to make your home look unique.

  1. They are affordable 

When you need affordable services, these Maids would be there ready to offer the best services at the best rates. Through them, you should be able to make huge savings given the prices that they offer their services. This has made many homeowners to hire their services knowing well that it would be an opportunity to save money without having to compromise the quality of services that they offer.

  1. Experienced Maids 

All of these Maids are often experience in their jobs and they would ensure that they do offer you quality services that you do even as you try to get the best services in within the market. When you hire them, they would always ensure that they do offer you quality services that you need within your home. This has also given them a higher reputation within the market especially among those homeowners who need these services.

In conclusion, the above four reasons should help you understand why you need to hire Maids in Singapore when looking for excellent services in your home after hiring them.

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4 Tips on How to Get the Best Maid Agency Singapore

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When you are looking for a Maid in Singapore, you need to use the services offered by maid agencies. With the increased demand of maid in the country there are many agencies in the market offering services to clients. Among the many agencies there are those that may not offer you the best services. So, you have to consider the following factors in order to get the best.

Number of years in the market 

One important factor you have to consider is the number of years a certain maid agency Singapore has been offering the services in the market. An agency with several years of experience has high chances of providing a maid who will serve you well. It is risky to work with new agencies because you may not know the quality of maids they provide or their reputation.

Fees charged

All maid agencies in Singapore charge some fees for the services they offer. You need to do some search in order to get the one that offers the best deal in terms of fees and quality maids. One mistake you need to avoid is working with those agencies who will charge you very low fees because they may end up offering you maids who are less qualified and experienced.

Do they offer free exchange of maids?

As you search for maid agency Singapore, you will come across some who will offer you free exchange of your maid, if you are not satisfied with their services. You will also come across some others will charge you a certain fee for the exchange. To avoid incurring a lot of cost, you need to look for an agency without the exchange charges.

Check their license

You need to ensure that you hire a maid agency in Singapore with license from the relevant authorities. This will ensure that you are working with genuine agencies who will offer you reputable maids. View this for more info


Maid Agencies In Singapore, For House Help Services

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Are you a resident of Singapore or its environs? Are you in need of a highly trained house help with several years of experience? Then, no need to worry because, maid agencies in Singapore have been specifically established to assist you find some of the best house help within Singapore and its environs.


From hundreds of agencies to pick from, Maid agencies in Singapore offer quality maid services and transfer maid services from a variety of countries to specifically meet your needs and requirements. With stringent set of rules and examinations all of the maids have to meet certain requirements undergo a set of examinations before being absorbed in by the agencies. In addition, all of the houses help usually undergo screening to determine their strengths, flaws and fluency in various languages.


From a maximum of three nationalities to pick from I.e. Philippines, Burma and Indonesia House Help agencies in Singapore offer house help services from a variety of countries so as to ensure most of the clients are fully satisfied. In addition before being offered work, each helper is put through a series of training in order to instill certain values and behaviors.


If a client is not happy with the services of a certain house help, the house help is called back to the agency and again retrained so as to maintain the quality of services that the Agencies work hard to maintain. Meeting the customers’ needs is the sole purpose of these agencies and this is achieved by ensuring a certain level of service is met.


If you need a Pilipino, Burmese or Indonesian house help Maid agencies in Singapore will most definitely live to the occasion. If you are looking for a fully trained house help who you can definitely trust with your house and kids, then do not do the searching yourself but rather let any of the Maid agencies do the search for you.



Hire Maid Services to Keep Your Home Clean 

Whether you live in your own house or a rented residence, you must keep it clean, but you do not always have the time to do it right, especially if you are working long hours. You have to struggle a lot to keep a house clean, especially if you have little kids at home, so you might want to hire a maid to the job for you. You can hire maids from maid services who specialize in cleaning homes or businesses for a fee. These maids perform tasks such as cooking meals for the family, cleaning the home, walking the pet, taking care of the children and shopping for home needs.

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You can hire a maid from an agency, just make sure than you are choosing the right agency that you can trust and will supply reliable workers whom you can entrust your home and children. Good maid agency will help you find the best maid who will agree to work in the timings which bet suit your requirements. This will give you the peace of mind as the agency will perform the background checks of each person working in their agency. They will ensure that the maids understand what is expected of them, in case there are any language barriers which make it difficult to communicate.

When you choose a maid through an agency it will not be held liable if there is anything wrong with their ability to work in USA and that they are paid well since they handle all the paperwork on behalf of you. You can also be assured that you are hiring a good and trustworthy home cleaner so that you can entrust your entire home in the care of the person you are hiring while you are at work or when you have to run errands.

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Searching for Singapore Maid Agency

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When you want to get a highly qualified, reputable and experienced maid in Singapore, the best option you have is to work with a maid agency. A reputable Singapore maid agency has the ability to provide you with a maid with the ability to carry out different duties according to your specific needs. With the increased demand of the maid agencies in Singapore, there are many unscrupulous agencies who have flooded the market. To ensure that you do not fall a victim of such agencies you need to avoid the falling mistakes.


Searching for an agency in a hurry

One of the greatest mistakes that can lead to you to an ineffective or unscrupulous maid agency in Singapore is rushing through the selection process. If you rush, you will not be able to put some very important factors into consideration, so you risk choosing the wrong agency. Therefore, you need to take your time as you consider several factors that will make you get the best one.


Choosing the cheapest agency

It is very easy to be tempted to select the cheapest agency in order to save money in the process. It is good to try to save, but selecting the cheapest agency may end up being a major mistake. This is because such agencies who charge very low price may not have the best maid to offer. A good Singapore maid agency will charge you price that is not too low because they know they have highly qualified and experienced maids.


Ignoring reviews 

As you search for an agency, you will find some reviews given by past clients according to the level of services offered by the agencies. If you ignore the reviews and view them as biased, you may end up getting the wrong one and end up being disappointed at the end. Use the reviews as a guide to help you select the best.



Hiring maid through an agency in Singapore

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It’s vital to choose the right agency that’s going to help you hire a maid in Singapore. A list of the agencies is available on the website of Ministry of Manpower (MoM). The ministry will also provide you with crucial information concerning the hiring of maids in the country, and all the legalities which go with it.

When you visit a recruitment agency, you are going to be matched with maids who suit your needs. They’ll also be able to arrange for telephone or Skype interview with prospective maid. Be certain to provide a list of your needs to the agency. Your requirements should include the maid’s preferred nationality and age, whether you require her to know how to fix meals, or whether you also need her to be a nanny. All the questions are vital when you hire a lady through an agency because they are going to do their best in ensuring they match your requirements to specific skills of the maid.

Once you’ve selected the maids that you need to interview through your agency, you’ll have to prepare list of interview questions which are going to measure whether the lady who you’re interviewing is the right one to work for you. There are several questions which you may ask to discover more about the lady you potentially will hire. You’ll be able to evaluate her skills and understanding of your requirements among others.

When you’ve succeeded in choosing a suitable lady, you will need to complete work permit for her. You are able to do this online, or the agency may do that for you. There are going to be some costs involved in the operation. The maid agency is going to require some fee from you; normally it’s between $1,000 to$2000, depending on the agency. The agency fees will cover several things including medical checkup and medical insurance.

A Dependable Maid Agency In Singapore Caters To Your Specific Needs


While quite a number of expatriates seek maids, identifying the right individual who perfectly matches your needs is never that easy. Majority of the families in Singapore have employed live-in helps who perform basically all duties of the house such as cleaning, cooking and looking after kids. Nevertheless, there are lots of other families that opt to hire maids on a part-time basis as opposed to employing them full-time. In such a situation, you are better off consulting a dependable maid agency in Singapore.

Most people who are not so familiar with the process of hiring maids often wonder how everything is done. Although the most ideal way to go about it would be to get recommendations from family and friends who are just leaving Singapore and opt to leave their helpers behind, you are bound to realize that things do not work this way. This is the main reason why more and more people are choosing to deal with maid agencies that have the capacity to match maids to expatriate families.

You can talk to your preferred agency if you need cleaners for instance. These people are capable of performing all house cleaning duties. Furthermore, they can do so either once a week or as many times as you wish on a legal basis. Agencies can also provide you with confinement maids or nannies. These domestic helpers specialize in handling matters related to childcare. Also, they can look after infants while you are away in the office. They have gotten sufficient training that enables them to provide care based on your needs. For instance, they are experienced enough to handle kids of different age groups such as newborns, teens and toddlers. A reliable maid agency in Singapore will basically match your family with the right individual thus making it easier for you to focus on other issues.

Make sure you go through these three tips before hiring the services of a maid agency in Singapore

Job interview

With rapid advancements in globalization today, many more people find that the need for a maid far transcends their option of getting everything done within the home on their own. This is not any different in Singapore. Once one has decided to hire a maid, they are faced with the numerous options available. One such option is using a maid agency in Singapore. With over 1100 maid agencies scattered across the country, how does one go about choosing the correct agency?
The first thing to consider when choosing a maid agency in Singapore is the demerit points that such an agency has accrued over the years. These points are accorded to the agencies by the Ministry of Manpower whenever an agency contravenes the Employment Act. Typically, the fewer the demerit points, the better the maid agency.

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The second thing to consider is the retention rate of the maid agency of choice. This rate paints a picture of how many employers have retained their maids for a period of one year or more. The higher the retention rate, the better it is for a client as this creates a solid foundation to use the services of the specific maid agency. A high turnover rate could be indicative of simmering issues between the maids and the agencies, and should place clients on alert.

The third consideration to make involves how easy it is to deal with the agency especially as pertains to asking relevant questions. For instance, how does the agency respond when you ask for a written contract? Does the agency deliver maids on time? Does the specific agency provide training for the maids before they are employed? Getting the answers to these questions will prove adequate prior to choosing a maid agency. More importantly, clients must take time to do a background check before hiring the services of any Singapore maid agency.